Doctor Mastery Program

What is the Doctor Mastery Program?

Dentists are entrusted with the health and safety of others on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential they have access to world-class continuing education that will help them build upon their skills. As a result, they can provide the most up-to-date, effective care to patients. The Doctor Mastery Program is designed to help them accomplish this.

The Doctor Mastery Program helps doctors to become definitive dental leaders in their communities. The five-year program consists of clinical training conducted by world renowned clinicians, from building on foundational skills and advancing to mastery of complex dental care.

The WHY Behind the Program

In the program, participants advance their clinical knowledge even further for the benefit of patients. Upon completion of the five-year program, participating dentists may be eligible to receive a Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) and increase access to care.

One of the most respected designations in the profession, those who possess FAGD designation are recognized as leaders in the industry. The award symbolizes the professional responsibility of general dentists to remain current in their profession and reminds dental professionals about the importance of acquiring new information for the benefit of their patients. Currently, only 7% of the practicing dentists in the United States hold this designation.

Specifically, the clinical educational opportunities offered in the program will help doctors advance in areas such as IV sedation, oral surgery, implants, restoration, occlusion, orthopedics and orthodontics. In addition, doctors participating in the program will maintain patient-friendly office hours to best fit the schedules of patients.

All About Patient Care

This program is all about helping doctors provide a higher level of care, for the benefit of you - the patient. By learning new skills, advancing their current skills, expanding office hours and building their teams, participating dentists can ensure all patients receive efficient, effective and compassionate care.

To learn more about the Doctor Mastery Program, ask our team for more info!